The European market for FCMA moves around € 100 billion annually, with 50% of the value coming from the plastics and paper sectors, followed by the glass, metals and the machinery sectors. The need for operators to keep up with constantly evolving laws is imperative, and to carry out their activities by complying with the required obligations without hesitation.

Considering the legislative changes, for which a regulatory update service and an online consultation of the global legislation on FCMA has been developed, the support of the Food Contact Center in situations requiring urgent consolidation may lead to the definition of a plan or a self-control manual, risk assessment through tests for compliancy, but not only.

The tests are not the only form allowed for the definition of conformity: with appropriate assessments guided by specific skills, other calculations or considerations can be associated to a limited number of analytical tests, such as calculated migration, estimation of simulants and pejorative situations, also aimed at associating the tested specimens with various references, also through the evaluation of thicknesses, ingredients and processes used; it is thus possible to plan a sustainable test plan for companies, which together with other skills enable the definition of the rsupporting documentation.
At a later date, the Food Contact Center can provide further assistance in the subsequent drafting of the declaration of conformity required by law.

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