A further important collaboration was created with Formalimenti, which provides professionals and companies in the food sector with an online training platform and a program of courses for continuous updating in e-learning mode. 

But not only that… the Formalive brand supports any sector and reality, offering both technology and organizational services, to set in motion all types of distance learning activities.

Formalimenti proposes:
–  courses on food technologies, HACCP, hygiene, MOCA, food and health legislation, workplace safety, aimed at professionals and operators in the food & beverage sector.
Formalive and its services for the organization and management of online training activities for all sectors and activities: educational platform, registration management, assistance during the course

We give you the platform and the support for online training to boost your growth, get involved!

The collaboration with the Food Contact Center consists of a convention based on:

  • online courses on the Formalimenti platform held by the Management and by the staff of the Food Contact Center;
  • opportunity to access the Matrix service on the Formalimenti platform.

Formalimenti and Fcc collaborate in the creation of training courses on MOCAs and in the production of a monthly newsletter on “Packaging & Moca” published by Formalimenti.