Italian Companies dealing with materials and articles intended to come into contact with food can take advantage of the activities of AIBO FCE, the Italian Association of Business Operator Food Contact Expert.

The association was founded in 2009, and since 2009 Marinella Vitulli, founder of Food Contact Center, is active member, participating as a speaker to the annual national scientific event and performing training sessions in courses required to obtain the qualification of AIBO-FCE The courses are held in Milan at the Italian Packaging Institute.

With the Italian Packaging institute many collaborations are in place, regarding technical meetings intended to generate guidelines for the supply chain, and about contributions in  courses and seminars.

A very special support is coming since many years by “Analytical Laboratories Research and Technology of Food and Environment” of Milan, where professors Fernando Tateo and Monica Bononi which have always been masters of analysis and organization of laboratories, perform applied research.

Other synergic cooperations are in place with spin-off companies of the University of Pisa, specialized in research&development and problem solving about polymeric materials, and with research groups which belong to University and the National Research Council, Pisa Location.

Since 2016 Marinella Vitulli also started to give contributions in Academic Courses held in Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, University of Pisa.