Company Profile

Food Contact Center S.r.l. was founded by Marinella Vitulli in 2016, after years of study on packaging and materials in contact with food. The Company was intended to be a reference center on packaging and materials in contact with food. It provides for tailored testing plans based on solid regulatory, technological and analytical knowledge. Some tests are conducted in partner laboratories under direct supervision.

Food Contact Center sets the testing plan and assesses both quality and compliance on the basis of the customer’s needs and preferences. During these years, the Center has grown very rapidly and is now one of the reference points in the food contact field in Italy and in many other countries. Today, many important brands rely on it. Food Contact Center is composed by highly qualified human resources in multidisciplinary fields; all team members have degrees in chemistry and science matters.

The experience on food contact materials has led our team to join several technical tables, providing technical-scientific contributions and providing training and consultancy. The team, in collaboration with Italian and European reference bodies, got the opportunity to share information with both scientific bodies and actors in the supply chain.