Packaging and food contact materials must be safe,
ensuring adequate and standard end use performance.

Food Contact Materials compliance is an obligation required by national and global legislations. Rules and laws are heterogeneous and many changes are on going; the
harmonization is a long path…

Formulation, industrial project and good manufacturing practices are responsible for characteristics of the finished product
Quality and performance are needed to add value to the product; sensory impact and technical suitability, adequate to the end use, are also a must.

We develop a customized and tailored service

Quality and compliance are not standardized parameters and values; they depend on production process, storage and transport conditions, supply chain -referring also to target country for sales- and final use. To achieve a sustainable compliance and a certified quality there are not testing supermarkets, what is necessary is a focused plan, driven by knowledge of materials and regulatory affairs related to the markets, in terms of sustainability and rationality of quality controls. Test results should be interpreted with a critical point ov view, and contextualized.

Analytical techniques

  • Gravimetric tests, GC-FID, GC-MS and LC-MS. Element test by ICP OES, ICP-MS.
  • UV-VIS spectrometry, infrared spectrophotometry with ATR and microscope
  • Mechanical Analysis, flexure, tensile, and compression testing
  • Thermal analysis DSC-TGA
  • GPC analysis of molecular weight of polymers
  • Optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction
  • SEM with microanalysis EDXS
  • Permeability to various gases
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Devices/tests for end use suitability and technological compliance


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